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Current Exhibitions

Info and background stories of our current exhibitions


With Brian Elstak, Butterfingaz, Hedy Tjin & LFMC

Hollandse Meesters Her-Zien

With Urban Myth & Amsterdam Museum

Artists in Residence (AIR)

With Hogeschool van Amsterdam

OSCAM Art Kitchen

Coming soon

Previous Exhibitions


OSCAM AIR #2 x HvA In September we are opening the second edition of OSCAM Artists In Residence at the HvA Business Campus in Amsterdam South East (Fraijlemaborg 133), while simultaneously opening the new academic year in OSCAM style! In [...]

Hollandse Meesters Her-Zien

OSCAM x Urban Myth x Amsterdam Museum present 'Hollandse Meesters Her-Zien' During Keti Koti 2021, OSCAM welcomes a familiar exhibition again. In collaboration with curator Jörgen Tjon a Fong of Urban Myth, OSCAM was the first location in 2018 to [...]


OSCAM x Brian Elstak present 'L.O.B.I ARCADE' Lobi – Sranan noun – love verb – to love “A true artist’s duty, as far as I am concerned, is to reflect the times.” – Nina Simone With the exhibition L.O.B.I. ARCADE artists Brian Elstak, Dewy [...]

Roofkunst – Souvenirs van gestolen culturen

OSCAM x BNNVARA x HazazaH x Noah Latif Lamp present Roofkunst - Souvenirs of stolen cultures How do we deal with our colonial legacy of stolen art? How can we make room for a contemporary and inclusive view? In collaboration [...]