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Current Exhibitions

Info and background stories of our current exhibitions

OSCAM x Lee Stuart: ‘Let’s be honest: We all need rest’

OSCAM x Lee Stuart: ‘Let's be honest: We all need rest’ ‘Let's be honest: We all need rest’ unites a group of artists from different disciplines to showcase their vision on one of the major issues of our time; How [...]

YOAK x Maha Eljak: ‘A Glimpse Of Us, Marhaba’

YOAK x Maha Eljak OSCAM is delighted to present ‘A Glimpse Of Us, Marhaba' by artist Maha Eljak. In the summer of 2022, artist, model and creator of DIY punk zine Mahazine, Maha Eljak (Mah-ha A’jack) returned to her homeland [...]

OSCAM x Vogue

OSCAM x Vogue In collaboration with Vogue Netherlands, OSCAM presents ‘OSCAM x Vogue’ an exhibition where stylists and fashion editors Esmeralda Tan, Sheila Pinas and Xaviera Aubri travel back to their beloved homeland, resulting in two photography series. Esmeralda Tan [...]

OSCAM x OHIM: ‘Shifting The Narrative’

SHIFTING THE NARRATIVE Shifting The Narrative is a fashion exhibition that counters the current fashion industry by focusing on the Black man. Here, the multidisciplinary fashion platform OHIM introduces a controversial image of what fashion and art are through a [...]

YOAK x Shaquille Veldboom x Digital Expressions: Black Joy

YOAK x Shaquille Veldboom x Digital Expressions: Black Joy OSCAM x Digital Expressions: Black Joy is an exhibition that focuses on the experience and understanding of Black Joy. It reflects the idea that Black people experience joy despite their history [...]

OSCAM x CBRE Poortsuite: In The Spotlight

OSCAM x CBRE Poortsuite present In The Spotlight. Welcome to the Amsterdam Poortsuite! To get to know De Amsterdamse Poort a bit better we will introduce you to some of the creative teams that make De Poort the place it is [...]

Previous Exhibitions

OSCAM x Digital Expressions: Black Joy

DIGITAL EXPRESSIONS: BLACK JOY OSCAM x Digital Expressions: Black Joy is an exhibition that focuses on the experience and understanding of Black Joy. It reflects the idea that Black people experience joy despite their history and its aftermath. Without any [...]


OSCAM AIR #4 x HvA present 'Good Citizenship'. Citizenship has a political-legal, economic, social and vital citizenship dimension. We zoom in on the social dimension, which is about willingness and the ability to be part of a multicultural community and [...]

A durable Swagger-scape

OSCAM x Fashion for Good Museum present 'A durable Swagger-scape'. How does Swagger flow, from a feeling, to a sound, to a brand, to a design and then back to a feeling? And how can we use this to stop [...]

5 YRS Retrospective

OSCAM presents '5 YRS Retrospective'. In honor of our fifth anniversary on November 25th, we present the exhibition 'OSCAM 5 YRS Retrospective', inspired by the versatility that OSCAM has shown over the past years. OSCAM is a bridge, a crossing [...]


OSCAM x Amsterdam Museum present 'Masterpiece?' with AiRich & Rembrandt This seven-hour "Masterpiece?" exhibition features the masterpiece Anatomy Lesson of Dr. Deijman by Rembrandt (1606-1669 - fragment) and the portrait that AiRich made of Emmanuel Ohene Boafo (winner Louis d'Or [...]

The Future of Fashion

OSCAM x Illustratie Ambassade present 'The Future of Fashion'. The exhibition The Future of Fashion shows how makers counterbalance the fashion industry through art. They investigate sustainable working methods, use innovative techniques and work from and towards radical equality. As [...]

YOAK presents senakirfa A.

YOAK presents senakirfa A. In her most recent work, senakirfa A. (1999) persistently explores the intrinsic nature of remembering that is guided by nostalgia. She approaches nostalgia as a notion that signifies her diasporic-postcolonial existence. Using diverse media, she simulates [...]

Truth through correspondence

OSCAM x Bureau Punt present 'Truth through correspondence' Truth through correspondence is an extensive journey through double layered ways of being, belonging to either or neither side of the spectrum, making choices - or dealing with choices that were made [...]

Tussen Gaasp & Gracht

OSCAM x Museum Van Loon x Imagine IC x New Metropolis Southeast present 'Tussen Gaasp & Gracht' Together with Museum Van Loon, Imagine IC and New Metropolis Southeast we’re opening the multidisciplinary exhibition Tussen Gaasp & Gracht. The exhibition tells [...]

OSCAM x De Korf present JeanPaul Paula, LIONSTORM & Yoeri

OSCAM x De Korf present JeanPaul Paula, LIONSTORM & Yoeri This third edition of OSCAM x De Korf is a group exhibition with makers JeanPaul Paula, LIONSTORM and Yoeri about intimacy, gender expression and identity. In their daily practice they [...]

YOAK presents Bo Bosk

YOAK presents Bo Bosk Bo Bosk is a 30 year old self-taught artist, born and raised in Amsterdam Southeast. He first connected with art when he was around eight years old, through works of graffiti. Six years ago, he got interested [...]

From Roots We Grow

OSCAM x Kwabena Sekyi Appiah-Nti x Esmeralda Schipper-Zijp present From Roots We Grow Take pride in your roots, it is from where we grow. Roots give us a feeling of community, through food, dance and just being able to be [...]

OSCAM x De Korf present Meryem Slimani

OSCAM x De Korf present Meryem Slimani Meryem Slimani prefers to photograph her muse – her 67-year-old mother Najate Leklye. In bright colors and always as the beautiful center of the composition: a mother seen through the eyes of her [...]


OSCAM AIR #3 x HvA present Good Citizenship During OSCAM AIR #3 we zoom in on the social dimension of ‘good citizenship’, which is about willingness and the ability to be part of a multicultural community and to actively contribute [...]

YOAK presents Jayda Reeberg

YOAK presents Jayda Reeberg Jayda Reeberg is an artist and painter based in Rotterdam, the Netherlands, who studies fine arts at Willem de Kooning Academie. In their own words: “through painting I create my own language by translating different aspects [...]

OSCAM x De Korf present Karim Adduchi

OSCAM x De Korf present Karim Adduchi We are thrilled to announce our newest collaboration partner: De Bijenkorf! De Bijenkorf is not only a department store, but also a place to be inspired, to use your senses and to be [...]

OSCAM Digital Expressions x Jacque Njeri

OSCAM Digital Expressions x Other Futures present: Jacque Njeri Starting from 2022, OSCAM presents Digital Expressions. In Digital Expressions artists get the chance to show their work inspired by digital influences. The first edition is in collaboration with Other Futures: [...]


OSCAM x Top Notch present: BOUT IT #3 On March 19, 2022, the exhibition BOUT IT #3 opens in OSCAM, in which we, together with Top Notch, give a stage to female and non-binary hip hop artists and the major [...]

YOAK presents Levi Emmanuël Wattimena

YOAK presents Levi Emmanuël Wattimena Levi Emmanuël Wattimena is an interdisciplinary artist based in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. He is interested in and inspired by forms, shapes, connections, patterns, poses and the physical and spiritual connection between two (or more) human [...]

The Black Manifesto

OSCAM x The Black Archives present ‘Black Manifesto: on the road to Black emancipation’ In June 2020, more than 50,000 people took to the streets in all provinces of the Netherlands during the #BlackLivesMatter protests. Over the past ten years, [...]

YOAK presents Nikè Marchand

Nikè Marchand Adenikè Tamara Tonye Yetunde (Nikè) Marchand is an artist based in Tilburg, The Netherlands. Her artworks are focused on expressionism and the duality of emotions, and are influenced by both her Nigerian father and her Dutch mother. Since [...]


OSCAM AIR #2 x HvA Citizenship has a political-legal, economic, social and vital citizenship dimension. We zoom in on the social dimension, which is about willingness and the ability to be part of a multicultural community and to actively contribute [...]

Hollandse Meesters Her-Zien

OSCAM x Urban Myth x Amsterdam Museum present 'Hollandse Meesters Her-Zien' OSCAM welcomed a familiar exhibition again. In collaboration with curator Jörgen Tjon a Fong of Urban Myth, OSCAM was the first location in 2018 to show the traveling exhibition [...]


OSCAM x Brian Elstak present 'L.O.B.I ARCADE' Lobi – Sranan noun – love verb – to love “A true artist’s duty, as far as I am concerned, is to reflect the times.” – Nina Simone With the exhibition L.O.B.I. ARCADE artists Brian Elstak, Dewy [...]

Roofkunst – Souvenirs of stolen cultures

OSCAM x BNNVARA x HazazaH x Noah Latif Lamp present Roofkunst - Souvenirs of stolen cultures How do we deal with our colonial legacy of stolen art? How can we make room for a contemporary and inclusive view? In collaboration [...]

OSCAM x HKU Fellowship x United Painting

OSCAM, HKU Fellowship and United Painting present 'MUSEUM' We have some amazing news: Marian Duff is going back to school! Nope, not to get another degree, but to set up a new HKU Fellowship in which she will be researching [...]


OSCAM x Top Notch x Magamba Network present 'BOUT IT #2' Hip hop is more than music: it is both a form of personal expression and shared culture. Hip-hop is global and local, from the avenues in Harare and Bulawayo [...]


OSCAM presents OSCAM AIR #1 x HvA - 'Good Citizenship' Under a specific theme, OSCAM AIR gives three to five artists from all disciplines, the opportunity to settle in the HvA at the Business Campus in Amsterdam Southeast for 5 [...]

the new normal

OSCAM x Modemuze present 'the new normal' "In the museum there are five red spaces. We like to call them tiny ‘worlds’. In each of these worlds you will find the work of a designer or brand, a reference to [...]


OSCAM x Kahlil Joseph x Bonnefanten x Patta x HipHopHuis present BLKNWS What would the news look like if it was about black culture? Through the expo ‘BLKNWS’ by Kahlil Joseph, in collaboration with Bonnefanten, Patta and HipHopHuis we will take [...]

Electric Dub Station

OSCAM x Antonio Jose Guzman x Iva Jankovic present 'Electric Dub Station' In Suriname and elsewhere in the Americas, blue had the power to protect enslaved Africans and their descendants from evil spirits. Indigo was also the source of incomparable [...]

Double Heritage

OSCAM x Roosje Verschoor present 'Double Heritage' Double Heritage is a photo exhibition with images from eleven young photographers from Moengo, Suriname: Jean-Marc Asimia, Jair Benje, Robbert Booi, David Booi, Basta Dwight Djoe, Luigi Kertosari, Jerusa Mainsie, Linio Kastiel, Gideon [...]

We are here forever. Do you understand?

OSCAM x Patta present 'We are here forever. Do you understand?' With the current surge of POC focussed art exhibitions in The Netherlands, including the highly publicised participation of the country’s most prestigious art institutions, many questions arise regarding the [...]

OSCAM x BLEECHED the quarantine store

The fashion brand BLEECHED is exhibiting their collection 'Beautiful Chaos' in OSCAM for two days straight. BLEECHED: "the process of creating collections from different subjects and still get similar outcomes reminds us of a bleaching process. In bleaching processes various [...]


OSCAM presents 'Retrospective' In our first exhibition of 2020, we reflect on two years of OSCAM. In the past two years we have created so many amazing exhibitions with young talented creatives, established artists and our OSCAM partners, that we [...]

New Rules

OSCAM x OM x Maru Asmellash present 'New Rules' Welcome at the new exhibition ‘New Rules’: a throwback on the series of Speak Sessions in which OSCAM and the Public Prosecution Service organise public dialogues about youth culture, lifestyle and [...]


OSCAM x Dialogue In her first European solo exhibition, South African photographer Dahlia Maubane (1988) highlights the life and work of the hairdressers in her country of origin. In her work, Maubane shows how visibility on the street is crucial [...]

All American Girls

OSCAM x Amsterdam Gay Pride x Remsen Wolff present 'All American Girls' The exhibition Remsen Wolff was struggling with his gender and identity, at the start of the 1990s. He was fascinated by the beauty and the talent of a hundred [...]


OSCAM x Decoratelier Nationale Opera & Ballet present 'Costume'  With Costume, the artistic family Richters, OONA and Soraya Basiran give their own interpretation to existing costumes from Nationale Opera & Ballet. The costumes were made in the costume department of [...]


OSCAM x 89A On May 17 of 2019, we opened a second location for our exhibitions at the Amsterdamse Poort: 89A! ⁣This place will show pop-up series of previous expo's in OSCAM, called OSCAM x 89A. Currently we are exhibiting [...]


I Am Who I Am I AM WHO I AM, A few words put together to form a powerful phrase by Marcelino Soesman. A vision, a feeling, a primal force which started my evolution and which now forms the foundation for [...]

Not Enough

OSCAM x Decoratelier Nationale Opera & Ballet x Alexander van Keulen present 'Not Enough' With used costumes of previous ballet and opera performances, photographer and former dancer Alexander van Keulen did not only give these costumes a new life and [...]


OSCAM x AMFI present 'Exposed' and 'Spheroidite' On the 15th of January 2019, AMFI’s 9 winter graduates presented and exhibited their work in the 'Open Space contemporary Art Museum’ (OSCAM). It was a fashion night that allowed you to dive [...]

Bout It

OSCAM x Top Notch present 'Bout It' OSCAM curator Marian Duff asked Kees de Koning (Top Notch) as co-curator for this photo exhibition and Ilja Meefout as photographer. The exhibition takes visitors to the favorite spot in the Bijlmer of  [...]

Hollandse Meesters Her-Zien

OSCAM x Urban Myth present 'Hollandse Meesters Her-Zien' 'Hollandse Meesters Her-Zien’, is the kick-off of a growing series of photo portraits based on black people from history. They are almost invisible, the black inhabitants of Amsterdam in the Golden Age. [...]


OSCAM x Modemuze present 'Resist! Take a stand in fashion' ‘Resist! Take a stand in fashion’ is a photography exhibit curated by Mila Ernst (Modemuze), Lisa Whittle (Modemuze) and Marian Duff (OSCAM). They asked the photographers Carin Verbruggen, Marques Malacia, [...]

Bas Kosters

OSCAM x Bas Kosters present 'Tranen zijn de glitters van het leven' Exhibition The viewer is invited to the world of Bas Kosters, one of the leading fashion designers in the Netherlands. It’s a world full of research, memories, inspiration, [...]

Third Exhibition

OSCAM's Third Exhibition For our third expo OSCAM selected a variety of artists from home and abroad to exhibit their vision of 50 jaar Bijlmer or show a selection of their body of work aligned with the vision of the [...]

Home coming

OSCAM x Richard Soesanna present 'Home coming' Creative director, stylist and DJ Richard Soesanna, created ‘Home coming’ in honour of his ill grandmother, who introduced him to religion. When Gospel Festival Amsterdam asked him to create a series of photo’s [...]

Marc de Groot

OSCAM x Marc de Groot present 'Faces from the glossies' For our first solo exhibition we present ‘Faces from the Glossies’ by the legendary photographer Marc de Groot and Merle Deterink from Mag Photo. For over 30 years, Marc de [...]