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About Us

OSCAM is the museum for art, fashion, design, craftsmanship and development in Amsterdam

Our OSCAM Team

Marian Duff

Founder, director & head curator


Noukhey Forster

Curator & producer


Loes Alice Gobes

Copywriter & office manager


Carmen Hogg

Social Media coordinator


Ebony Jones

Facility coordinator


Laura van Oord



Our Young OSCAM team

Annicée Angela

Museum host & rental producer


Joanna Bright

Producer education


Manu Drenthem Soesman

Museum host & producer


Allysia van Duijn

Museum host & producer


Georbella Fini

Museum host & producer


Sharon Ngu-Nji

Museum host & producer


Marjorie Richards

Museum host & producer


Shaquille Shaniqua Joy

Producer & moderator


Shiva Sabikhi

Museum host & facility support


Zeluma Saling

Producer participation


Sumina Smit

Museum host & facility support


Our Supervisory Board

Duco Wildeboer


Rubiah Balsem

Jennifer Alspeer

Erik van Ginkel

Amaal Mohmoud

Annemarie den Dekker

Our Alumni

Osasu Aghafua

Samra Asmellash

Julie Becker

Ahisha Echteld

Louisanne van Hooff

Charmaine Wartes

Our Vacancies

OSCAM is growing and we are looking for amazing people to join our team! Would you like to become part of OSCAM as a freelance museum host (during opening hours and/or events), or as a facility & hospitality producer to help us organize the rental of our YOMU space? Check out the vacancies and send your CV and motivation to vacature@oscam.nl!

Additionally, OSCAM is always looking for new talent and artists to represent. Feel free to forward your portfolio, including motivation to art@oscam.nl!

Our Mission

OSCAM makes room for makers and visitors to be part of a creative community in which we jointly own the story of Amsterdam Southeast and the Netherlands. We realize this social mission as a museum for art, fashion, design, craft and development in Amsterdam. We give substance to this through high-quality presentations and exhibitions, through educational and participatory activities and programs and by bringing the creative process closer to the public.

Interested to see more? In our ‘Jaarverslagen’, you can read all about OSCAM and the things we do and did. Use the buttons below to discover more!

Curator Statement

At OSCAM we not only curate artists and their works, but also the conversation about them. The Speak Sessions, with which we have distinguished ourselves from the beginning, are the ideal platform for that conversation. The discussion about art and representation, and about who can say what, in which time and place, is in a difficult but necessary phase. The conversation about inclusion is uncomfortable for some. However, this is the time when more voices make themselves heard and claim space, specifically in the world of art and culture.

OSCAM’s ultimate motivation is connection between people, through art, fashion, design, craftsmanship and development. No one is infallible in the search for the right expression and exploration of ideas. We face this steadfastly, with due leniency to human limitations. Ultimately it is about the work that tells the story, that shows the layers of the human experience, that simultaneously gives and is imagination, that touches heart and head. That work is never just ours, but always yours too, moreover ours together, because we give meaning to it collectively. Anyone who wants to participate without excluding others is welcome in Zuidoost, and in the Open Space Contemporary Art Museum.

Contact Us

OSCAM is located at
Bijlmerplein 110-111
1102 DB Amsterdam

E-mail info@oscam.nl
Telephone ‎+31 6 28 75 71 13

You can find our invoice information here.

The shopping center Amsterdamse Poort is a two minute walk from train, bus and metrostation Bijlmer ArenA. If you visit us by car, the nearest parking garage is P21 and is located at Bijlmerdreef 101, Amsterdam Zuidoost.

Another parking spot is P22, located at Bijlmerdreef 109, 1102 BW Amsterdam Zuidoost. Whilst you are there, check out the impressive murals designed by OSCAM in collaboration with United Painting and Sisters Janssen.