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About Us

OSCAM is the museological platform for art, fashion, design, craftsmanship and development in Amsterdam

Our Team

Marian Duff



Richard Soesanna



Noukhey Forster



Yves Saidi

Social Strategy


Louisanne van Hooff

Text, PR and Marketing

Charmaine Wartes



Duco Wildeboer

Supervisory Board

Charlene Austin

Supervisory Board

Jennifer Alspeer

Supervisory Board

Curator Statement

OSCAM, or the Open Space Contemporary Art Museum, works on various exhibitions in collaboration with our partners, aligned institutes and artists like Decoratelier Nationale Opera & Ballet, Amsterdam Museum, B&A Groep, AMFI and OBA. The products that we offer as OSCAM elevate these exhibitions to the next level, while keeping them accessible and attractive to the youth in Amsterdam, especially in the Bijlmer.

Our Mission

OSCAM aims to stimulate and increase the interest in the arts particularly for the residents of Amsterdam, especially the Bijlmer. We show high-quality presentations of art, fashion, design, craftsmanship and development, through educational and participatory programs. By involving known and unknown creative talents in our exhibitions and programs, OSCAM inspires the youth and fulfils the need of a connection platform with other social art institutes in Amsterdam.

Our Vacancies

We are currently in search of a Trainee Corporate Secretary with the following characteristics:

  • Has received a legal education
  • Can speak, read and write fluently in both Dutch and English
  • Has Microsoft Office skills
  • Has a talent for diplomatic operations and is steady in taking minutes
  • Has affinity with the Amsterdam Southeast area

Do you recognize yourself in these characteristics? You can find the complete vacancy here.

Contact Us


Bijlmerdreef 1289

1103 TV Amsterdam

E-mail info@oscam.nl