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5 YRS Retrospective

OSCAM presents '5 YRS Retrospective'. As you all know, over the past five years, OSCAM has done lots of collaborations with different artists. On our birthday party, we decided to take a trip down memory lane and look back on [...]

A durable Swagger-scape

OSCAM x Fashion for Good Museum present 'A durable Swagger-scape'. How does Swagger flow, from a feeling, to a sound, to a brand, to a design and then back to a feeling? And how can we use this to stop [...]

YOAK presents senakirfa A.

YOAK presents senakirfa A. In her most recent work, senakirfa A. (1999) persistently explores the intrinsic nature of remembering that is guided by nostalgia. She approaches nostalgia as a notion that signifies her diasporic-postcolonial existence. Using diverse media, she simulates [...]