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OSCAM x book launch Lennox en de Gouden Sikkel

On June 19th, we raise awareness for sickle cell diseases on World Sickle Cell Day. The group of diseases in which red blood cells take the shape of a sickle, occur very often in people of Sub-Saharan African, Indian and Arabian origin. Inspired by [...]

Opening L.O.B.I. ARCADE & Roofkunst

Yes, we absolutely waited until we were able to show our exhibitions L.O.B.I. ARCADE and Roofkunst to the world. And now we finally can! Book one of two timeslots to visit the opening below. Walk in starts at 7 PM. With L.O.B.I. [...]

OSCAM x Lilith Mag – Grassroots New Deal

Image for Lilith by Sofia Neto The climate crisis, discrimination and sexism, housing shortage and poverty. We know what we're facing in this unequal and unjust world. But do we also know what the opposite, a just world, would actually [...]